Austin Hastings, UX/UI Designer

Words from those I've worked with

Collaboration is key to making great design happen. Here are some verbatim endorsements from past colleagues and clients.

"There are designers and then there are Designers – as in, the receptive, visionary and take charge kind that all project teams hope get assigned to them. Austin Hastings epitomizes that second bucket: no nonsense, no ego, all passion for creating the “right” user experience. It was always a treat working with Austin at Bank of America where, as the user researcher, I benefited firsthand from his cross-disciplinary skills as both interaction and visual designer, and his openness to any critique or different perspective. I’ll never forget the round of testing where he was present for every session and worked tirelessly to incorporate user input for a cutting edge mobile banking project. Austin absolutely “gets” user-centered design. His vast knowledge of design trends ensures that whatever project he takes part in will benefit from industry best practices alongside his genuine collegiality that makes him an absolute pleasure to work with."

Lisa H., Usability Engineer at Bank of America

"What makes Austin so valuable is that he is both a gifted designer and very easy to work with. We have worked on many projects and his two strongest qualities are consistently evident - firstly, he's a great listener, which makes sharing ideas and critiques so easy, and secondly, his designs reflect both his tremendous design skills and a great understanding of what users are looking for."

Daniel D., Mobile App Initiatives at Bank of America

"Austin is as professional as he is creative. I love how he approaches complex situations, always disciplined yet thinking outside of the box when needed. It was a privilege to participate in his meetings; these meetings were as productive as they were fun. He’s methodical and easy to communicate and work with, always positive. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Any company would be lucky to have Austin on their team."

John T., Editor at Bank of America

"It is great to work with Austin! He has a creative mind and works within the tools of his discipline, but also brings up great recommendations. I am never initimidated to ask Austin questions and he spends to time to make sure everything he works on is to your liking."

Ray H., Mobile App Product Management at Bank of America

"Austin is incredibly thoughtful about his work, and is a fantastic partner in collaborator. His insights and crisp design aesthetic are exciting compliments to his technical breadth. Adding Austin's congeniality and extracurricular talents means both your meetings and your offline conversations are interesting."

Clay N., Innovation Director at Bank of America

"Don't let Austin's technical chops intimidate you. Even after reams of iterations and last-minute demands, his extraordinary patience and passion for pursuing the unturned pebbles of functionality make him a sought-after team member. Other maestros grow weary during the stops and starts of a project's process; Austin is steadfast in his dogged pursuit of excellence. I am always eager to collaborate with him."

LD K., Content Strategist at Bank of America

"It’s been my pleasure to work with Austin on a variety of Bank of America projects over the last few years. He is scrupulously attentive to details, timelines, and customer needs, without ever compromising his friendly and helpful attitude. His work is constantly being singled out for praise by upper management, and he is always being sought out by co-workers who ask him to weigh in on their designs. I’ve always been excited when I find out that I'm being paired with Austin on a project, as I know that not only will the deliverable be extremely innovative and successful, but that I will also learn from him and enjoy myself every step along the way."

Mike M., Senior Writer at Bank of America

"Austin is the guy you want on those difficult, complicated projects. He is pro-active, always delivers high quality designs and has an unshakable positive attitude. Of course you would want him on any project, he is an all -around great designer."

Shona R., Senior Writer at Bank of America