Austin Hastings, UX/UI Designer

Process Example: Geolocated Deal Mapping


The UX team was engaged late in process, with technology requesting detailed wireframes for a complex mapping application across three mediums in less than a month. Sketching was a crucial tool to iterate quickly in collaboration with leads from technology, business, legal, marketing and user experience.

Research & Analysis

Competitive research and analysis was conducted to determine the latest mobile mapping application and geolocation best practices for reference in our design work.

Experience Diagrams

Detailed experience diagrams were created to communicate all possible scenarios within the experience. A Location Services diagram was created as a communication aid in negotiations between UX, business, technology and legal/risk/compliance as we worked to meet conservative geolocation legal requirements while ensuring a quality user experience.

User Flows

User Flows were created to visually explore, understand and communicate flows for a number of key use cases.


Detailed wireframes were created to represent all necessary screens. Due to the complexities of the experience, key details were documentated in wireframe CAR tables as decisions were made.


Prototypes were created over the project for various uses, including usability testing, experimentation with different layouts and flows, and as a tool to visually communicate certain flows and interactions to the project team and executive leadership. InDesign and HTML/CSS were used to create the prototypes.

Usability Testing

Due to our aggresive timeline, we had to move quickly to test our concepts with real users. Within a month of beginning design, we settled on two different UI approaches, created both an interactive iPhone prototype and an iPhone and iPad paper prototype to test at Fleischman Field Research in San Francisco. Because this would be our only opportunity to test, we experimented with an agile usability format. While our Usability Engineer was conducting the test, in realtime I was incorporating user feedback into a new set of wireframes. By mid-day we printed out a revised paper prototype based on the day's feedback, tested the new design later in the day to great feedback. We were able to immediately improve and validate the design based on user feedback in the same day.

Creative Direction

While many times I create the user interface design, for this project I managed a team of UI designers to create our deliverables. I did not design the below mockups, but on a weekly basis provided detailed design direction based on my extensive knowledge of our mobile visual design systems and the experience design for this project. I also worked extensively with our copy editor to craft necessary wording for interface elements, as well as content for the Mobile Help section.

Project Management

As UX Project lead, in addition to being responsible for creation of the overall experience design, I was also responsible for management of the UX project team resources, deliverables, reviews, etc. I leveraged self-created spreadsheets and a SalesForce tool to manage a 6 person multi-disciplinary UX team both virtually and in person, planning and communicating deliverable timelines, balancing of resources, facilitating ongoing reviews and touchpoints internal to UX and with various project stakeholders.